Phone List Cleaning - Identify Landline, Cell Phone or VoIP

  Your customers prefer SMS, but do you have mobile phone numbers on your contact lists? How can you tell the difference between a mobile number and a landline? You donít want to end up sending messages to office numbers and home landlines that go nowhere and only add to your costs. is the perfect service for marketers, compliance departments, IT departments, and all levels of an enterprise to use in call centers, marketing campaigns, lead collection, customer communication, and many more applications.

It's easy, affordable and 96% accurate.  Try for FREE before you buy by visiting our data scrubber HERE
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Program Name Queries Per Day Number of Records
Per Query
6 Month Cost 12 Month Cost
FREE Daily - 50 Per Day 5 10 FREE FREE
Casual Daily - 200 Per Day* 10 20 NA $50
Moderate Daily - 400 Per Day* 10 40 $40 $60
Serious Daily - 600 Per Day* 10 60 $60 $90
Extreme Daily - 1,000 Per Day* 10 100 $100 $140

To Place Your Order Please Call 303-322-1234 Option 2 (10AM to 6PM Mountain Time)


If you have data scrubbing needs beyond the scope of the data scrubbing programs above, please contact us directly for a quote



All Programs will be customized to fit your needs within the programs daily record scrub counts

  • Custom Example 1 - Casual Daily user is allowed 200 Records per day.  If you need to do numerous small queries per day with two or less records (for example), we will set your queries per day at 100 with 2 records per query.  (100 x 2 = 200)
  • Custom Example 2 - Serious Daily user is allowed 600 Records per day. If you will be submitting queries of up to 50 per query (for example), we will set your queries per day at 12 with up to 50 records per query. (12 x 50 = 600)
  • Custom Example 3 - Extreme Daily user is allowed 1,000 Records per day. If you need to scrub up to 7,000 per week all at one time (for example). We will set your queries per week at 1 with 7,000 per query. (1 x 7,000 = 7,000)

* NOTE: Per Day Limits DO NOT roll over.  Maximum Limit per day is the maximum number of records delivered per day regardless of prior usage.


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